Closed Beta Launch Announcement

Nov 18. 2022

Hey Players,


Welcome to the Arena Breakout Closed Beta Test (also referred to as the CBT).We are excited to have you join the action!


There is a limit to concurrent connections! Wait for a while if you encounter a queue!


The test is expected to last until December. When the test ends, player data will be reset. We will share an announcement with a specific end date in the near future. Please stay tuned!


[Server Opening Time]

November 18, 07:00 (UTC+8).


[Login Methods]

This test supports Google, Facebook, email, and guest logins.


[Supported OS]

The CBT is only available on Android devices.


[Available Countries]

The CBT is being held in the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. To improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, please switch to the network of a country where the CBT is available.


[Task Reset Time]

All tasks in the CBT are refreshed daily at 05:00, UTC+8. Pro tip: Schedule your play time accordingly!


[Event Info]

Level Rush

Reach certain levels to obtain the Prime Trial Pass, Bonds, and other valuable items.


Advanced Challenge

Complete daily challenges to obtain gear, supplies, Bonds, and other valuable items.


Recruit Week Sign-in

Complete daily check-ins to receive the 2x3 Safe Trial Pass, Notes, and other valuable items.


Recruit Challenge

Newcomers can complete challenges during their first three days to claim basic gear and supply rewards.


[Map Level Requirements]

The Farm unlocks at Lv.1

The Valley unlocks at Lv.8

Northridge unlocks at Lv.12


[Modes Introduction]

"Tac Ops" and "Covert Ops" are available at all times.


About "Tac Ops"

In "Tac Ops," players enter raids as Agents. Prepare weapons, gear, and supplies in the warehouse before entering the Dark Zone. Once the raid begins, search for supplies at different locations on the map. Reach designated extraction points and escape within the time limit. Players keep everything they found during the raid if successfully reach the extraction point in time. Tread lightly on the way to your escape , as danger lurks around every corner.


About "Covert Ops"

In "Covert Ops," players enter raids as Rogues. Random weapons, gear, and supplies are assigned. During raids, search for supplies at different locations on the map. Watch your six - Agents or Dark Zone Pioneers may be disguised as Rogues. Skilled players can utilize ambush tactics to their advantage. Just like in Tac Ops, players must reach designated extraction points to secure their supplies.


[Special Reminders]

  • 1. Player data will reset at the end of CBT. Top-up is not available during the test.
  • 2. The game is still under development. The test version does not represent the final game.
  • 3. If your device overheats and lags during gameplay, go to [Settings] - [Graphics] and turndown graphic and framerate settings to avoid overheating and lagging.
  • 4. We may shut down the server for maintenance or release updated clients to adjust game content. We may also release temporary bug fixes based on feedback and other circumstances. If you encounter any problems, feel free to comment on our Discord, website, and other official channels. We will provide assistance as soon as possible.


The clock is ticking. Are you ready to fight?


Good luck in the Dark Zone recruits!!



- Arena Breakout Ops Team